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A misdiagnosis is when a physician or other medical staff fails to recognize the symptoms of an illness or discovers the wrong illness. A misdiagnosis can result in an incorrect and possibly harmful medical treatment or none at all where one is required. There are many cases of fatal illnesses being misdiagnosed, so if you have lost a loved one or have been harmed yourself by a misdiagnosis, you need to call our Broward County medical malpractice attorneys who can recover needed financial compensation.

You need experience and competence when looking for legal help with your malpractice claim. Kaplan Law Group, P.A. has a team committed to personal injury clients and has over 40 years of collective experience handling such issues. Our goal is to protect your rights as a victim of malpractice and as someone wrongfully injured and we do this by representing you passionately in court or in a settlement negotiation to recover the compensation you need.

When can I pursue a malpractice case?

When symptoms go unnoticed by doctors they can become major health issues in time. When doctors fail to offer you the reasonable care that another doctor would in such a situation, this could leave them liable for your malpractice expenses.

Misdiagnoses can happen for numerous reason including:

  • Doctors who fail to follow up on diagnostic exams
  • Doctors who fail to perform adequate exams or spend adequate time with the patient
  • Miscommunication between the patient and medical staff
  • Doctor performing incorrect testing or reading results wrong
  • Doctors who are not up to date on the latest medical research and technology
  • Improperly screening a patient for certain types of cancer

Two things must be established to have a viable malpractice claim—a doctor-patient relationship existed with your doctor, and that a doctor in a similar situation would have acted differently. You will also need to prove that your injury was as a direct result of the incorrect treatment you received or lack of treatment.

Turn to Kaplan Law Group, P.A. when You are Injured

Our Broward County medical malpractice attorneys can listen to your case and advise you as to what steps to take next. If a malpractice claim is in your best interests, we can file one on your behalf and begin preparing to take legal action against the doctor, hospital, and/or other medical personnel who was responsible for the harm done to you.

We can even reach out and hire a medical expert to testify to your doctor’s malpractice. Whatever it takes, we can aggressively represent your interests in court or a negotiation recovering damages for your injuries.

Call us and we can go over your legal options together during your complementary consultation!

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