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Approximately 10,000+ people are killed in a drunk-driving accident. This accounts for approximately 30% of traffic-related crashes. Additionally, millions more are arrested for driving under the influence and subsequently charged with a crime.

These individuals pose an incredible risk to everyone on the road. Many are first-time offenders; even if they intend not to cause harm, getting behind the wheel while impaired by alcohol is already a careless action—and it is important that they are held accountable for the pain and suffering victims experience after being hit by a drunk driver.

Drunk driving accidents are considerably more complex than many forms of car accidents, as a drunk driver is almost always considered at-fault.

The victims, especially families of a loved one who has passed, have the right under Florida law to pursue financial compensation for the loss and even ask for punitive damages to reprimand the driver. Get an experienced attorney by your side to ensure that you can win the case -- call (888) 246-6903 to set up an appointment for a free initial evaluation with a drunk driving accident lawyer in Hollywood, FL serving Broward County.

If you or your loved one was involved in a drunk driving accident, contact our Broward County drunk driving accident attorneys at Kaplan Law Group, P.A.!

Settlements After Being Hit by a Drunk Driver

We are dedicated drunk driving accident attorneys in Broward County who always put your needs at the forefront. We create a customized plan of action with respect to your particular circumstances, to help you realize your goals. If you or a loved one has been injured or was killed in a drunk driving accident, we can expedite matters. We are ready to help you find swift recovery.

We can help you find compensation for the following:

  • Medical bills and treatment
  • Lost income and future wages
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Rehabilitation and counseling
  • Pain and suffering
  • Funeral costs

A drunk driver may face criminal penalties for driving while intoxicated and causing injury, but this is not enough to offer restitution to you, as the victim, or for your loved one.

A personal injury claim, on the other hand, focuses solely on protecting your rights and ensuring you obtain proper compensation for the wrongs done to you in a drunk driver car accident. We hope that our efforts can give you the peace of mind you need to help you find recovery. Get in touch with a Broward County drunk driving accident lawyer today -- call (888) 246-6903.

What To Do When an Insurance Company Calls

If you were involved in a drunken car crash, sooner or later an insurance company may get in touch with you to offer a settlement. Insurance companies will try to take advantage of you because it is most likely that you will not know what your case is really worth.

Don’t fall for it. Here’s what you should do:

  • Do not provide any statements to the insurance company.
  • Do not sign any paperwork or accept payment from them.
  • Reach out to a skilled Broward County drunk driving accident lawyer at Kaplan Law Group, P.A..

Our experienced drunk driving accident attorney can speak with you during a free case evaluation to assess your total costs and losses related to the wreck. Call (888) 246-6903 to make an appointment today.

Who Is Responsible For Drunk Driving Accidents: About Florida Dram Shop Law

When it comes to drunk car accidents, it is typically clear who the drunk driver was and whether they were responsible for the car accident, injuries, property damages, and more. However, in some cases, it is possible that Florida dram shop law may also apply.

What is Florida Dram Shop Law?

In Florida, the dram shop law indicates that businesses like bars, pubs, or restaurants may be held responsible for drunk driving accidents under specific circumstances.

Situations where the Florida dram shop law may be applicable:

  • A restaurant willfully sold alcohol to a minor who then became intoxicated and caused an accident. The restaurant may be held responsible for the drunk driving accident because they unlawfully sold alcohol to a minor.
  • A bar knowingly served a person who is addicted to alcohol. The person became intoxicated and later caused a car accident. The bar may be held responsible for causing the drunk driving accident.

To ensure that all possibilities are taken into account to help solidify your case, reach out to a Broward County drunk driving accident lawyer backed by years of experience at Kaplan Law Group, P.A..

Our Broward County Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys Can Help

At Kaplan Law Group, P.A., our Broward County drunk driving accident lawyers are dedicated and professional litigators, who know what it takes to achieve success. We believe in justice, and when someone commits an offense towards you or your family, you should not have to endure the burden or suffer in silence.

We are prepared to fight for you against all opposing counsel, insurance company defense teams, and others who try to challenge your rights. Even if you have been involved in a drunk driver hit and run, we may still be able to help you obtain compensation. Call today to discuss your accident in a free consultation!

Drunk Driving Accident Resources

If you or a loved one were injured or involved in a car accident caused by another person’s drunk driving, you may wish to learn more. Below are some helpful resources, otherwise do not hesitate to contact our Broward County drunk driving accident attorneys today.

Call us any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to request your free consultation with our drunk driving accident lawyers in Broward County!

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